How to Quote/Price for a Builders clean?

In this blog I’ll be giving you my top tips on how to quote/ price for a Builders clean project. This is probably one of the most common questions I get asked by cleaning companies, how do you price for a building project? what’s your pricing strategy? basically what’s the secret formula. Unfortunately, guys there is no secret formula.

What is a Builders clean?

Initial Clean

This is the first stage of a builders clean and  involves removal of rubbish, dust and debris from all surfaces of the building. It is usually done part way through the construction process . A lot of builders also use this service before a client walk through so any trade defects can be easily spotted.

Sparkle Clean

This is the final stage and is what sets a REAL builders clean apart. It involves removal of trade defects such as render splatter on windows, paint marks and much more.

The final detail clean is what will give you that showroom quality finish. This stage also takes the longest due to the amount of detail that is required.

From my experience QS can’t really quantify or assess how much builders cleans will be as they frankly don’t understand cleaning, so the cost of a builders clean is really dictated by the cleaning company and market value.

Let’s just say you have three cleaning companies all pricing around £10K, that’s really the market value.

The problem is created when you have cleaning companies who don’t understand builders clean and cost to low, let’s say £5k. QS’s are always going to seriously look at them and if they have all the credentials. Even if the cleaning company can’t deliver, the contractors still has got a £5k buffer! So, cleaning companies think about the market value, don’t devalue the market and kill your profits!

Here’s my top 4 tips on how to price a builders clean project, getting more meetings and more wins. There’s also a bonus tip included at the end.

Here’s my top 4 tips on how to price a builders clean project, getting more meetings and more wins. There’s also a bonus tip included at the end.

Tip #4 Don’t price from square metres

You cannot just price for a builders clean on square metres. The amount of times I’ve heard experienced people telling me about square meterage is ridiculous.

Tip #3 Always visit site before and after

Visiting site is so important as it gives you a feel for the job, the site and the contractor, all of these factors go into the overall cost.

Also revisit after you have been shortlisting as 4 weeks is a long term in construction.

Tip #2 Quote from experience

if you never done a builders clean project before and then it’s going to be very hard for you to understand all the dynamics of how a build/site works. The one thing that I can guarantee is that you’re going to be working around trades so it’s important you get someone on board who’s completed a builders clean and understands everything that’s involved so they can guide on how to cost correctly.

Tip #1 Get to pre-meet

Be competitive with your price and get shortlist. People buy from people and getting a face to face meeting is vital. Prove you’re worth and showcase why they should give you the project.

If you’re not having much luck with tenders than reduce your price by 20% and you will see more interested and results.

Bonus Tip! Extras and re-clean

finally guys my bonus tip is regarding extras and re cleans. As we all know the will always be an element of extra works needed that is outside the scope of your original order so bare that in mind when you’re costing however on the flip side don’t rely on extras on every project. Don’t price low and hope for recleans/ extras!www.

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